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m (Status)
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== Status ==
== Status ==
=== TODOs ===
* why linux complains about PCI pref mem?
* test virtualization
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|USB_comments =  
|USB_comments =  
|Onboard_VGA_status = WIP
|Onboard_VGA_status = WIP
|Onboard_VGA_comments = Extrenal card works, will be POSTed in Linux, current reason why SeaBIOS is not doing that is to be investigated.
|Onboard_VGA_comments = Internal VGA needs a patch to SeaBIOS
|Onboard_ethernet_status = OK
|Onboard_ethernet_status = OK
|Onboard_audio_status = Untested
|Onboard_audio_status = Untested

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  • why linux complains about PCI pref mem?
  • test virtualization
Device/functionality Status Comments
CPU works OK
L1 cache enabled OK
L2 cache enabled OK
L3 cache enabled N/A
Multiple CPU support OK
Multi-core support OK
Hardware virtualization Untested
DDR3 OK Please select right voltage in menuconfig! Default is 1.5V but some DIMMs need more or less!
Dual channel support OK
ECC support N/A
On-board Hardware
On-board IDE 3.5" N/A
On-board IDE 2.5" N/A
On-board SATA OK Tested only first top port on left in sixpack (from outside view).
On-board SCSI Unknown
On-board USB Untested
On-board VGA WIP Internal VGA needs a patch to SeaBIOS
On-board Ethernet OK
On-board Audio Untested
On-board Modem N/A
On-board FireWire N/A
On-board Smartcard reader N/A
On-board CompactFlash N/A
On-board PCMCIA N/A
On-board Wifi N/A
On-board Bluetooth N/A
On-board SD card reader N/A
Add-on slots/cards
ISA add-on cards N/A
Audio/Modem-Riser (AMR/CNR) cards N/A
PCI add-on cards OK
Mini-PCI add-on cards Unknown
Mini-PCI-Express add-on cards Unknown
PCI-X add-on cards Unknown
AGP graphics cards N/A
PCI Express x1 add-on cards OK
PCI Express x2 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x4 add-on cards OK
PCI Express x8 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x16 add-on cards OK
PCI Express x32 add-on cards N/A
HTX add-on cards N/A
Legacy / Super I/O
Floppy Untested
Serial port 1 (COM1) OK
Serial port 2 (COM2) N/A
Parallel port N/A
PS/2 keyboard OK
PS/2 mouse Untested
Game port N/A
Infrared  ?
PC speaker  ?
DiskOnChip N/A
Trackpoint N/A
Touchpad N/A
Fn Hotkeys N/A
Fingerprint Reader N/A
Docking VGA N/A
Docking LAN N/A
Docking USB N/A
Docking Audio N/A
Docking Displayport N/A
Thinklight N/A
Webcam N/A
Sensors / fan control Untested
Hardware watchdog Unknown
SMBus Unknown
CAN bus N/A
CPU frequency scaling OK
Other powersaving features  ?
ACPI OK ACPI power button event works, suspend untested.
Reboot OK
Poweroff OK
Suspend Unknown
Nonstandard LEDs Unknown
High precision event timers (HPET) OK
Random number generator (RNG)  ?
Wake on modem ring Untested
Wake on LAN Untested
Wake on keyboard Untested
Wake on mouse Untested
TPM Unknown
Flashrom OK