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* 13:00 : Peter Stuge - Coreboot.
* 13:00 : Peter Stuge - Coreboot.
* 14:00 :  
* 14:00 :  
* 15:00 :
* 15:00 : Rudolf Marek - ACPI and Suspend/Resume under coreboot.
* 16:00 : Carl-Daniel Hailfinger - Flashrom.
* 16:00 : Carl-Daniel Hailfinger - Flashrom.
* 17:00 : Luc Verhaegen - Flash Enable BIOS Reverse Engineering.  
* 17:00 : Luc Verhaegen - Flash Enable BIOS Reverse Engineering.  

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Time and Place

Saturday, 6th of February 2010, at FOSDEM2010 in Brussels, Belgium.


FOSDEM is simply the biggest free software developers event in Europe. For the last 10 years, on one weekend in February, a campus from the Brussels Free University gets raided by some 5000 open source developers and enthusiasts. There are main tracks with high profile talks, there are project specific devrooms with talks and hands on session, there are booths, and all of it is free (although donations are appreciated).

Coreboot DevRoom

Coreboot will have its very first DevRoom at FOSDEM this year. We will have AW.124, which can hold 60 people, from 13:00 to 19:00. We will have talks and hands-on sessions there and generally be very cool and interesting :)


  • 13:00 : Peter Stuge - Coreboot.
  • 14:00 :
  • 15:00 : Rudolf Marek - ACPI and Suspend/Resume under coreboot.
  • 16:00 : Carl-Daniel Hailfinger - Flashrom.
  • 17:00 : Luc Verhaegen - Flash Enable BIOS Reverse Engineering.
  • 18:00 :


  • Rudolf Marek - ACPI and Suspend/Resume under coreboot.

Ever wanted to know more about ACPI? The aim of the talk is to introduce the software part of ACPI as well as provide the necessary hardware details to get the bigger picture. The tour through Coreboot ACPI implementation will be given. Suspend and resume procedure will be presented with all nifty parts explained.

  • Carl-Daniel Hailfinger - Flashrom.
  • Luc Verhaegen - Flash Enable BIOS Reverse Engineering.

Many board makers provide extra write protection for their bioschips. The developers at the flashrom project have to devote part of their time on finding out what protection is provided and how this can be disabled. Some of this information comes from the BIOS itself, and the procedures for some common BIOSes, and the tools involved will be introduced in this talk. Half of the time will be spent on digging through an actual BIOS with a crude tool like ndisasm.

Information for Speakers

A DevRoom at FOSDEM contains a sometimes working network (several thousand people are trying to use wireless at the same time), power, an LCD projector and some whiteboards. Next to that, the room will be filled with highly interested free software people, some of which you know or will get to know after your talk. It always is a very friendly and highly interested audience that can handle very technical information well. Talks should not be kept shallow at all as little pandering is needed. Talks should generally last about 45 minutes, so that there is some time for people to move in and out of the room or to come and talk to you directly.

If you want to give a talk at this DevRoom (and as you can see, there are plenty of slots still available), please contact Luc Verhaegen (libv) by dropping him an email at libv at skynet dot be.

Further information

The FOSDEM website contains tons of information on the event itself, transportation, getting around in brussels, finding hotels, pretty much everything you need. Next to that, there are archives of the website for the previous years, where you can find out about previous talks and shedules.