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GRUB invaders as payload.

GRUB invaders is a multi-boot compliant space invaders game. It can either be started from within GRUB (as a "kernel"), or it can be used as a coreboot payload.

GRUB invaders 1.0.0 has 3 problems which are triggered by newer gcc+binutils. A mail with a patch is available here and the patch is here.

User comment (compiling in Trisquel 6):

I applied the patch above.

When attempting to compile on Trisquel 6 I got this error:

video.c:(.text+0x277): undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail'

Modify, find the line that says:

CFLAGS="-fno-builtin -nostdinc -O2 -I. -Wall -Werror"

Change it to say:

CFLAGS="-fno-builtin -nostdinc -O2 -I. -Wall -Werror -fno-stack-protector"

This made it compile for me.

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