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[[File:gateway W730-K8X-board-front.jpg|thumb|Motherboard Front]]
Image:gateway-w730-k8x-board-front.jpg|<small>Motherboard Front</small>
[[File:gateway-w730-k8x-board-back.jpg|thumb|Motherboard Back]]
Image:gateway-w730-k8x-board-back.jpg|<small>Motherboard Back</small>
Image:gateway-w730-k8x-board-back-lowerright.jpg|<small>Motherboard Back Lower-Right Section</small>
Image:gateway-w730-k8x-board-back-lowermiddle.jpg|<small>Motherboard Back Lower-Middle Section</small>


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The Gateway W730-K8X

The Gateway W730-K8X is an older AMD based laptop, possibly manufactured for gateway by arima.



  • Northbridge: Unknown
  • Southbridge: Unknown
  • Super I/O: Unknown
  • Audio/video controller:
  • PCMCIA controller:
  • ROM/BIOS chip: Socketed
  • Ethernet:


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