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This page explain how to add support for your superio chip in Superiotool.


The superio I have(SMSC LPC47N217) is already supported but has no extended dump, we'll show how to add that.

Here's the main structure(from superiotool.h) for adding extended registers:

struct superio_registers {
        int32_t superio_id;             /* Signed, as we need EOT. */
        const char *name;               /* Super I/O name */
        struct {
                int8_t ldn;
                const char *name;       /* LDN name */
                int16_t idx[IDXSIZE];
                int16_t def[IDXSIZE];
        } ldn[LDNSIZE];
  • ldn means logical device name. Floppy, Serial or parallel port are logical devices.