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coreboot status by mainboard

This list contains reports of successful coreboot execution, ordered by date. It's shows which boards can actually run with current coreboot versions.

By sorting it by date, we encourage developers and users to keep ports current and well-tested.

Status data comes from the board status repository, which also contains the parser. The coreboot tree contains a tool to generate and push suitable data. An account on is required for sending data.


emulation/qemu-q35 at Fri Dec 6 11:37:01 UTC 2013 upstream tree

emulation/qemu-i440fx at Fri Dec 6 11:37:01 UTC 2013 upstream tree


amd/persimmon at Wed Nov 13 00:28:29 UTC 2013 upstream tree

amd/persimmon at Tue Nov 12 02:23:41 UTC 2013 upstream tree