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* JTAG xilinx
* JTAG xilinx
* flash chips
* flash chips
* openflashprog for USB SPI flashing


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Who is coming?

  • Idwer Vollering
  • Sven Schnelle
  • Peter Stuge
  • Rudolf Marek
  • Carl-Daniel Hailfinger

Who brings what?



Xeon i5000 system + Thinkpad T60, both running coreboot



  • Asus M2V-MX SE CPU + ATX PSU + keyboard + HDD (sata and IDE)
  • A8V-E SE + PCIe Radeon + port80
  • bifferboard
  • USB serial
  • JTAG xilinx
  • flash chips
  • openflashprog for USB SPI flashing


  • Lots of power sockets and extension cords
  • Bus Pirate
  • HP 635 laptop
  • Various flash chips
  • Openbench Logic sniffer (if I can find it)
  • Artec FlexyICE (if I can find it)
  • 19" flat screen monitor with DVI+VGA incl. cables
  • flashrom flyers
  • posters (need to check if they are usable)

Stuff we need (please check if you can bring it)

  • Thinkpad X60/T60 with working VGA out for the beamer so it can be demoed at the talk. (Preferably two of them.)
  • Flyers for coreboot and flashrom. Who has the PDFs for our latest flyers (probably Carl-Daniel)?