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romimage "normal"
romimage "normal"
#      48K for SCSI FW or ATI ROM
      #      48K for SCSI FW or ATI ROM
       option ROM_SIZE = 475136
       option ROM_SIZE = 475136

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there is two kind of VGA that we need to support 1. onboard vga 2. addon card.

two CONFIG in MB Option.lb

  1. VGA Console


CONFIG_PCI_ROM_RUN will make sure all the option rom will be called.

Also when you plug add on display card to MB with onboard VGA, only addon card will be used. That is the same as Normal BIOS.

for Onboard VGA you need 1. in MB Config.lb You need to specify for your onboard VGA

                                      device pci 9.0 on  # PCI
                                              chip drivers/pci/onboard
                                                      device pci 9.0 on end
                                                      register "rom_address" = "0xfff80000" #512k image
                                                      #register "rom_address" = "0xfff00000" #1M image

Please make sure the device num should be right. Otherwise it can not get exact ROM address.

2. You still need to modify your target Config.lb. in noral section

romimage "normal"

      #       48K for SCSI FW or ATI ROM
      option ROM_SIZE = 475136

It will leave space for vga option rom in flash.

3. So at last for your linuxbios.rom, you should do cat atix.rom linuxbios.rom > final_linuxbios.rom

you need to make sure the final_linuxbios.rom size is 512k or 1M.

please use dd to get you atix.rom when running Normal BIOS.