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There are at least 2 different bios layouts.

The BIOS can be extracted from BIOS update or from a SPI flash.

Old bios format

e.g. T60

New bios format

e.g. x201

Extracting BIOS update (.exe)

BIOS updates can be extraced with innoextract or cabextract depending on the version of the BIOS, because Lenovo changed their creationtool for the executeable.

Extracting SPI flash backup


Example x201 uncompress to get VGA bios

innoextract -e 6quj18us.exe
cd app
find |grep -i fl2
# look into all FL2 files, only one will worked for me
phcomp.exe /D <foo>.FL2
phnxsplit <foo>.flh
romheaders OPROM00.rom

Where can I download phcomp phnxsplit?

- google for phcomp.exe