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The KFSN4-DRE is a relatively modern AMD K8 / Family 10h motherboard. It is well supported and stable under Coreboot with Family 10h processors, with all CPUs, RAM, and peripherals functioning normally. K8 processors currently require specific RAM configurations to work correctly.

This board is automatically tested by Raptor Engineering's test stand. For more details please visit AutoTest/RaptorEngineering.

NOTE: It has recently come to my attention that booting from USB mass storage devices is not possible. Both SeaBIOS and GRUB fail to see any attached flash drives, even though the USB keyboard functions normally. Also, grub is unable to properly initialize the USB keyboard (very slow typing rate, several seconds per character), but SeaBIOS functions normally. Additional debugging is needed by an interested party to resolve these issues. Tpearson (talk)