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Useful info

Question: Is there a limit for the power we can draw at our booth? The coreboot/flashrom projects have a joint booth and we have lots of hardware for demos, and some of that hardware is a bit hungry... the number of outlets is not a problem for us, we have our own multi-socket extender.

Answer: In that case, please bring a sufficiently long extension cord so we can hook you up directly to the power distribution cabinets in the hallway. I'm not sure how much they can cope with, it's all ULB infrastructure, but I suppose it should be enough :)

Who brings what

  • carldani
    • 1x Schuko multi-outlet power strip with 10 sockets and CEE 7/7 hybrid Schuko/French plug
    • long power cable (length TBD)
  • ruik
    • 1x LCD monitor
    • 1x usb2serial + serial cable
    • 1x PSU 400W
    • 1x Asus M2V-MX SE + CPU + RAM
    • 1x Asrock 939A785GMH/128M + CPU + RAM
    • 1x IDE system HDD + CABLE
    • 1x SATA hdd (no system so far)
    • 1x POST card
    • 1x CDROM IDE
    • couple of SPI flash chips (1M winbonds some 512KB AMICs)
    • 1x PS2 keyboard and mouse + usb2ps2
  • Svens
    • Thinkpad X60s running coreboot
  • mbertens
    • Nokia IP530 coreboot development machine
    • Nokia IP330
    • Some Compact PCI cards


We mostly stay in;label=postbooking_confemail

So far we know that following Coreboot fellows stays there:

  • Ruik (plus 2 colleagues Pavel and Milan)
  • CareBear
  • Carldani
  • MBertens