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The KGPE-D16's ATX socket C32 little brother, what applies to it should apply to this too as the southbridge/northbridge and platform are pretty much the same.

It is useful for a router/firewall or secure applications device as it has an IOMMU and compatible low wattage CPU's such as the 35W Opteron EE series.

It could also be used as a gaming platform with the Opteron C32 4386 CPU (microcode update required) which is equivalent to an AM3+ FX-8370E

It is better for games than the KGPE-D16 as its 8 core CPU's are a single MCM NUMA node.


For non-working modules see this page. The following RAM models and configurations have been tested and are know to work as of the stated GIT revision.

Manufacturer Model Max working RAM / CPU Size Speed Type ECC Populated Slots CPU Mainboard Type Firmware
Kingston KVR16E11/8 (Discontinued) 32GB 8GB DDR3-1600 Unbuffered Yes A2 / A1 / B2 / B1 1x Opteron 4284 KCMA-D8 Rev. 1.03, 1.02 coreboot-4.6-2082-g15129b4db4